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KLAI-601 Inorganic waterproof plugging materials

Part number:KLAI-601 Inorganic waterproof and leakage-preventing materialsStandard:JC900

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Description KLAI-601 Inorganic waterproof and leakage-preventing materials is the absorption of foreign advanced technology and retains the advantages of similar products at home and abroad, developed efficient inorganic waterproof plugging material, includes Quick-setting(mainly for leakage preventing )and Slow-setting(mainly for moistureproof, seepage)

Feature (1)non-toxic,odorless,non inflammable,suitable for drinking water construction.
(2)In the wet surface of the base construction, positive side and back surface can be the construction,easy construction.
(3)moistureproof, seepage,quick plugging
(4)The time for plugging concretion could be selected,waterproof adhesive once done,strength adhesive, good anti-seepage property.
(5)Integrated with the base,no ageing,good waterproof performance.

Technical Index

Test item Slow-setting type Quick-setting type
1 Setting time initial set/min ≥10 ≥2~10
final set/min≤ 360 15
2 Compressive strength /MPa 7d, ≥ 1.5 1.5
5 Bonding strength/MPa,7d≥ 1.4 1.2
6 Appearance homogeneous and impurity free,anti-caking

Application Range

It is used for all kinds of underground buildings or structures, cable channel, pool, kitchen and toilet, air defense caves, subways, tunnels and other rapid plugging works.

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