company profile

KAILAI gruop was founded in 1993. As a "leader in waterproofing industry, " it adheres to the philosophy of "worry free waterproof" and takes good care of construction safety: Kailai consists of Shanghai Kailai SECOV Waterproof Materials Co., Ltd, Henan Kailai Riyue Waterproof and Insulation Engineering Limited, Xinxiang RiyueWaterproof Technology Co., Ltd., Shanxi Kailai SECOV Building Materials Co., Ltd., Dalian Kailai Building Waterproof Engineering Limited, Jiujiang Riyue Waterproof Engineering

Company, and Beijing Branch, Shijiazhuang Branch, Kaifeng Branch, Nanyang Branch and offices in Xi'an, Hainan, Chongqing, ...

Kailai products have been used to national grain reserves, Jiuquan Satellite Launch Base, Antarctic Great Wall Station, Xi'an Jiaotong University, Shijiazhuang- Wuhan Passenger Railway, Zhengzhou University, Daqing-Guangzhou Expressway, Museum of Chinese Characters, Hailar Power Plant, Beijing-Guangzhou Railway, Luohe Shuanghui Group, Xinfei Group, Guangzhou Metro, Guang

zhou Yuda Garden, Shenzhen Wenjin North Interchange, Shanghai Stock Exchange, Shanghai Yan'anlu Elevated Road, Shanghai Baosteel, Shanghai DuPont, Shanghai Dapulu Tunnel, New York University Shanghai, Shanghai World Expo, Shanghai Pudong International Airport, Shanghai Yangshan Port International Terminal, National Development and Reform Commission, ...