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  • Thermoplastic Polyolefin Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane

Thermoplastic polyolefin self-adhesive waterproof membrane

Part number:Thermoplastic Polyolefin Self-adhesive Waterproof MembraneSpecification:Width:2.0m ,Length:20m or customizedStandard:Q/XRY036

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Description Kailai thermoplastic polyolefin (TPO) Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane is made from polymer (TPO) sheet coated with non asphalt self-adhesive compound,filmed with isolating membrane,processed into the new waterproof membrane,it include the advantages of both Polymer and self-adhesive waterproof membrane,it improved the property of penetration resistance,weather resistance,self-health,high&low-temperature resistance,physical properties is much better, chemical property is more stability.

- H- Homogeneous PVC membrane
- L- PVC membrane with fabric backing
- P- Reinforced with polyester felt
-Color:Black,White,Green,Blue,Yellow and etc. Bicolourable could be customized
-Length:20m or customized
Other specification could be customized.

Feature (1)One waterproofing ,two proofing,the waterproofing is more reliability
(2)The joint could be integrated by hot-air welding,reliable and long term weldability.
(3)The waterproof performance will not be influenced by main body structure settlement,effectively prevent seepage flow of underground water.
(4)Wet-laid,empty-laid,mechanically fastened,hang-laid and etc could be applied on different construction field,construction is more flexible.
(5)Could be applied on cast-in-situ reinforced concrete without protective film.
(6)Strength chemical resistance,alkali solution kerosene resistance,mildew resistance.
(7)High tensile strength,tear resistance and impact resistance,good self-healing performance.
(8)cold construction,no fire, non-toxic and tasteless,environmental protection,no fading and pollution.
(9) Durable hot welding performance and easy to repair

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Pull(N/50mm) ≧ 800
2 Membrane elongation at break,% ≧ 450
3 Nail tear resistance / N ≧ 500
4 Tear resistance, N/mm ≧ 60
5 Impact property Diameter(10±0.1)mm,no leakage
6 Static loads 20kg,no leakage
7 Heat resistance 70 ℃,2h,no displacement,no flowing,no dripping
8 Cold bending -25℃ no crack
9 Anti-fluid-water 0.6Mpa,no leakage
10 Peeling strength with Post pouring concrete,
No treament 2
Surface contaminated by cement 1.5
Surface contaminated by sediment 1.5
Ultraviolet aging 1.5
Thermal ageing 1.5
11 Peeling strength with Post pouring concrete wetting, N/mm 1.5
12 Mechanical property on joint Shear strength N/50mm ≧ 500 or specimens damage
Peeling strength N/mm ≧ 1.2
13 Alkali resistance( saturation Ca(OH)2 solution, Room tp168h) Strength retention % ≧ 90
Elongation retention % ≧ 80
Cold bending -25℃, no crack
14 Thermal ageing(70℃,168h) Strength retention % ≧ 90
Elongation retention % ≧ 80
Cold bending -18℃, no crack

Application Range

The property of TPO Self-adhesive Waterproof Membrane has far exceed other waterproof membrane,all kinds of basement,subways,tunnels,highway, air raid shelter,artificial lake, dam, water reservoir, grain storehouse,waste treatment plant and etc.

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