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  • Polyvinyl chloride plastic(PCV) Waterproof membrane

Polyvinyl chloride plastic(PCV) waterproof membrane

Part number:Polyvinyl chloride plastic(PCV) Waterproof membrane Specification:Width 1.0mm/2.0mm ,Length15m/20m/25mStandard:GB12952

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Description Polyvinyl chloride plastic(PCV) Waterproof membrane is a new polymer waterproof membrane which is made from polyvinyl chloride resin, and mixed with plasticizer,filler,antioxygen,ultraviolet absorber and other auxiliaries.
- H- Homogeneous PVC membrane
- L- PVC membrane with fabric backing
- P- Reinforced with polyester felt
- G Glass fiber reinforced membrane
- GL Glass fiber reinforced with fabric backing membrane

Feature (1)High tensile strength, good elongation and dimensional stability.
(2)Waterproofing performance will not be effected by major structural settlement,ground water seepage could be prevented effectively.
(3)Excellent aging resistance,long lifetime,no pollution.
(4)Welding installation. Joints are solid and environment friendly,
(5)-25℃ has good flexibility.
(6)The surface could reflect ultraviolet irradiation,low temperature.
(7)Good plasticity, easy and suitable for details installation.

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index    
1 Appearance External joint
Smooth surface,straight side, no crack,hole,bubble and Scar
2 Resin thickness/mm - 0.4
3 Tensile property Max Pull/(N/cm) ≧ - 120 250 - 120
Tensile strength/Mpa ≧ 10.0 - - 10 -
Elongation at Max pull /% ≧ - - 15 - -
Membrane elongation at break,% ≧ 200 150 - 200 100
4 Heat-treatment dimension variance rate 2 1 0.5 0.1 0.1
5 Cold bending -25℃, no crack

Application Range

All kinds of basement,subways,tunnels,highway, air raid shelter,artificial lake, dam, water reservoir, grain storehouse and etc.

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