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  • KLAI-309

KLAI-309 Emulsified asphalt(mastic,asphaltic base oil ) 

Part number:KLAI-309 Emulsified asphaltStandard:JC/T 797

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Description KLAI-309 Emulsified asphalt is made out of compound road asphalt with aqueous solution of relative concentration emulsifier, the asphalt dispersed into solution by dispersion equipement,final formed into one kind of stabilized asphalt emulsion.


Technical Index

Test item Index
Solid content(%) ≥ 50
viscosit(S) 6
water diffusivity (%)≦ 25
granularity (um) ≦ 15
Heat resistance 80+/-2℃ no bubble,no flowing,no dripping
Cohesion 20℃(kgf/cm2) ≥ 3.0

Application Range

Emulsified asphalt is a kind of paving material which needs no heating when it is applied. 
It can be sprayed or paved or mixed under normal temperature. 
It is widely applied in the road construction and maintenance projects, such as micro-surfacing, slurry seal, road surface repairing, material recycling, reconstruction of low-graded pavement etc.
It is popular among customers for its high performance and low cost.

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