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KLAI-303 Polymer cement waterproof coating

Part number:KLAI-303 Polymer cement waterproof coatingSpecification:5kg/10kg/18kg/37.5kgStandard:GB/T 23445

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Description KLAI-303 Polymer cement waterproofing membrane is a two components water-base waterproof coating material,Component A is made out of A import macromolecule polymer emulsion and modifier, Component B is modified cement,by scientific formulation.

Feature (1)The coating has high strength and toughness, excellent water-resistance, weather resistance and endurance.
(2)color is adjustable
(3)Non-toxic,odorless,no pollution,easy construction
(4)No flowing on the elevation,slope and top surface.
(5)Strong cohesiveness with cement motor and various materials
(6)Could be directly applied on the wet or dry base of various materials

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index  
1 Solid content /% ≧ 70
2 Tensile strength Without treatment, MPa ≧ 1.2 1.8 1.8
Elongation at Break Without treatment, % ≧ 200 80 30
3 Low temperature flexibility,wind the 10mm rod -10℃ no crack - -
4 Impermeability,0.3Mpa, 30min No leakage No leakage No leakage
5 Adhesive strength Without treatment /Mpa ≧ 0.5 0.7 1
6 Anti-permeability Mpa ≧ - 0.6 0.8

Application Range

Applied to wet or dry waterproof layer of brick, mortar,concrete,metal,glass,wood hard plastic,insulation layer,also suitable for various buildings (eg:roof,underground,outer wall,tunnel,bridge,pool, reservoir and etc).

JS-I used for non long-term submergence waterproof engineering
JS-II, III used for long-term submergence waterproof engineering

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