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KLAI-302 Polyurethane waterproofing coating(two-component)

Part number:KLAI-302 Polyurethane waterproofing coating(Two-component)Specification:30KgStandard:GB/T19250

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Description KLAI-302 Polyurethane waterproofing coating(Two-component) is a reactive waterproof coating formed from two components reaction, component A is polyurethane prepolymer, component B is a hardener, and free of coal tar and bitumen.When use, we mix component A and B at a certain proportion. After being stirred well, it is coated on the construction base surface, then wait for hours reaction and curing.

Feature 1) Excellent water and corrosion resistance
2) Good tensile strength, strong adhesion, strongh adaptability for the base deformation.
3) Good construction performance,easy construction.
4) Without joint,easy repair.

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index
I II -
1 Appearance Uniform viscous materials,no gel,no caking
2 Solid content /% ≧ One component 85.0
Two component 92.0
3 Surface drying time /h ≦ 12
4 Full Drying Time/h ≦ 24
5 Tensile strength/Mpa ≧
2.00 6.00 12.00
6 Elongation at Break/% ≧ 500 450 250
7 Tear resistance /(N/mm) ≧ 15 30 40
8 Levelling property ≧ 20min, no obvious indentation
9 Cold bending ≦ -35℃ no crack

Application Range

-Widely used for basement,roofs, bathroom,bridge,swimming pool,civil defense project, tunnel and all kinds of industry and civil building waterproofing,
-Apply to anti-corrosion engineering of metal pipe, ground floor and pool;
-Apply to cement board,asbestos product,ceramic and ground tile.

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