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KLAI-105 Polyethylene propylene(polyester) waterproof membrane

Part number:KLAI-105 polyethylene propylene(Polyester) waterproof membraneSpecification:see below tableStandard:GB18173.1

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Description KLAI-105 polyethylene propylene(Polyester) waterproof membrane is made out of the nascent polyethylene synthetic polymeric material combined with anti-aging agent,
stabilizers, adhesion promotor and high strength new propylene polyester long fiber free-weaving fabric,automated production line by one-step processing.

Feature 1)could be adhered with various material,especially adhere with cement in Solidification Process, as long as no water on the surface,the construction can be done.
2)good comprehensive properties and tensile strength
3)good impermeability and Low temperature flexibility,small coefficient of expansion,adhere easily,  small friction factor, could be used into sands directly,the performance has good stability and reliability
4)non-toxic, no pollution, green environmental protection product.

Technical Index

No Item Technical Index
1 Breaking tensile strength(normal temperature,N/cm) ≧ 60
2 Elongation at break(normal temperature,%)≧ 400
3 Tear resistance / N ≧ 20
4 Impermeability(0.3Mpa, 30min) no leakage
5 Cold bending temperature / ℃ ≦ -20
6 Combined strength(FS2 surface and Core)/(N/mm) ≧ 1.2
Remark:Resin composite sheet,if the whole thickness ≦1.0mm,the elongation at break should be ≧ 50%,others properties should come up to 80% specified value.

Application Range

Applied to waterproofing of industrial and civil building roofs, floor,moisture-resistant insulation, indoor floor moisture-proofing,bathroom,reservoir,channel,bridge,
anti-seepage,metallurgical chemical waterproofing and etc.

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