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SKW-YN Sealant of high voltage cable

Part number:SKW-YN Sealant of high voltage cableStandard:JT/T 203-95

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Description SKW-YN is two component sizing material of Polyurethane,mixing the two components uniformly,self-curing into rubber polymer elastomer at room temperature. Used for sealant waterproof of protection shell of high voltage cable.It has obtained the certification of USA ELASTIMOLD company.

Feature (1)Cold construction, easy operation.
(2) Non solvent,safe operation.
(3)Big elongation,good cold resistance,heat resistance,aging Resistance.
(4)Easy maintenance.

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Hardness, sh° 50±5
2 Injection consistence s ≤ 180
1 Tensile strength Mpa ≥ 1
2 Elongation at Max pull, % ≥ 200
3 Impermeability, 0.3Mpa 30min No leakage
4 Solid content, % ≥ 90
5 Surface drying time h ≤ 3
6 Volume resistivity Ω,cm ≥ 1.0×1010
7 Breakdown Strength v/m ≥ 1.0×107
8 Hot air aging 70℃72 h Strong product aging coefficient ≥ 0.85
Hardness increase,sh°≤ 30

Application Range

Mainly used for sealant waterproof of protection shell of high voltage cable.

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