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  • SKW-501

SKW-501 (Non-tar) Polyurethane joint sealant

Part number:SKW-501(non-tar)Polyurethane joint sealantStandard:JT/T 203-95

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Description SKW-501 (non-tar) Polyurethane is composed of component A and B, A is polyurethane prepolymer which include isocyanate-group,B is a compound by softener and filling agent. Before application, mixing A and B uniformly,the rubber flexible foam will be generated after chemical reaction, sealing and waterproofing quickly.


Feature (1)No need heating treatment during application,the construction could be proceed during room temperature,good groutability,construction convenient and quick.
(2)Excellent extensibility and elasticity,good adhesion with cement concrete.
(3)Good weatherability, non overflow at high temperature, non-fragile at low temperature.


Technical Index

Test Item Index
Consistence(S) <20
Time of lose adhesion(h) 6-24
Pulling quantum(mm) >15
Fluidity,mm 0
Flexibility Penetration amount(mm),3-5
recovery rate(%),>75

Application Range

Mainly used for
(1)Crack filling on cement concret.
(2)Filling/joint on airport runway, expansion joint on parking apron.
(3)Filling/joint on expansion joint of cement concrete bridge.
(4)Filling/joint on expansion joint of plaza,parking and yard.

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