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  • KLAI-101
  • KLAI-101

KLAI-101 Styrene butadiene styrene(SBS) modified bituminous waterproof membrane

Part number:KLAI-101 Styrene butadiene styrene(SBS) modified bitumen waterproof membraneSpecification:3.0mm,4.0mm,5.0mmStandard:JC/T 974-2005

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Description KLAI-101 Styrene butadiene styrene(SBS) modified bituminous waterproof sheet material is made out of soaking the base in bitumen, or thermoplastic elastomer (such as styrene butadiene-SBS), reinforced with polyester or fiberglass, finishing the upward face with fine sands, mineral states (or grains) or polythene membrane etc.

Feature 1) Good waterproof performance;
2) High tensile and tearing strength, elongation and size stability which accommodates substrate movement and deformation;
3) Anti-corrosion, mildew resistant and weather resistant;
4) Hot melt construction, solid and long-lasting.

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Soluble content(g/m2) 3mm 2100 /
4mm 2900 /
5mm 3500
2 Heat resistance 90 105
Result ≦2mm,no flowing,no dripping
3 Cold flexibility℃ -20 -25
No crack
4 Impermeability(30min) 0.3MPa 0.2MPa 0.3MPa
5 Tension Max(N/100mm) 500 350 800 500 900
Result No crack on bitumen coating,no separation on basement
6 Elongation Max % 30 / 40 / /
7 Penetration Sheet ≦2
8 Thickness of asphalt layer in the lower surface(mm) ≧1mm

Application Range

1) Roof and underground in various industrial and civil buildings;
2) Bridge, subway, tunnel, swimming pool, highway etc.
3) Waste landfill, sewage plant, irrigation system, etc.

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