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KLAI-103 Modified bituminous waterproof membrane for road&bridge

Part number:KLAI-103 Modified bituminous waterproof membrane for road&bridgeStandard:JC/T 974

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Description KLAI-103 Modified bituminous waterproof sheet for road&bridge are specially designed for road and bridge engineering waterproof of municipal transport construction,it use Stylene-Butadiene-Stylene(SBS) or atactic polypropylene (APP,APAP) as main material, by adding assistant agent,the upper surface is coated with fine sand,mineral particle or polyethylene film,the lower surface is coated with fine sand and polyethylene film.

-Classified by construction:Self-adhesive application(Z),Hot-melt(R) or hot melt adhesive (J) application
-The R or J classified by material:SBS, APP
-APP classified by different paving structure:Type Ⅰ and Type Ⅱ
-Classified by upper surface materials:Fine sand (S)
-Classified by upper surface materials:Polyethylene film (PE),Fine sand (S)

Feature (1)It own the feature of both APP and SBS
(2)Excellent heat resistance and high temperature shearing properties, it can guarantee the waterproof layer will not be damaged when process high temperature asphalt concrete pavement,
(3)Strong resistance to rupture,strong resistance to construction equipment’s nude roller compaction.
(4)Good impermeability, strong resistance to the traffic vehicle’s interaction force and dynamic liquid pressure.
(5)Strong tensile strength, elongation and adhesive with concrete.
It has good aging resistant, freezing salt resistant, acid and alkali reaction resistant, and a long life durability.

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Asphalt coating thickness on lower surface 2.5mm 1.0 -
3.5mm -- 1.5
4.5mm -- 2.0
2 Soluble content g/m2 2.5mm 1700 1700
3.5mm -- 2400
4.5mm -- 3100
3 Heat resistance 110 115 130 160
no flowing,no dripping
4 Cold flexibility /℃ -25 -25 -15 -10
no crack
5 Tensile/N/50mm 600 800
6 Elongation at Max pull /% ≧ 40
7 Salt treatment Tensile retention % ≧ 90
Cold flexibility /℃ -25 -25 -15 -10
no crack
Low volume increment% ≧ 1.0
8 Thermal ageing Tensile retention % ≧ 90
Elongation retention 90
Cold flexibility /℃ -20 -20 -10 -5
no crack
Dimension variance rate % ≧ 0.5
Mass loss % ≧ 1.0
9 Penetration/sheet ≦ 1.0
10 Self asphalt Peeling strength N/mm 1.0 --
a.Hot-melt adhesive construction membrane doesn't include
b.The temperature could be customzied

Application Range

Mainly used for road and bridge construction.

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