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  • KLAI-102
  • KLAI-102

KLAI-102 Pre-laid/Wet-laid self-adhesive waterproof membrane

Part number:KLAI-102 Pre-laid/Wet-laid Self-adhesive waterproof sheetsSpecification:width:1000mm Length:10m,15m,20m,30mStandard:GB23441

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Description Kailai Self-adhesive modified bituminous waterproof coiled material is composed of base material, including synthetic rubber like SBS, good heavy-duty road asphalt. The surface is coated by PE film, fine sand,aluminum foil film,and the silicon depositing release film or crepe paper is covered on the lower surface as anti-sticking layer.

-Classified by construction method: Pre-laid(Y), Wet-laid (W)
-Classified by main material:Polymer waterproof sheet(P),bituminous polyester base(PY)
-Classified by adhesive surface:single side(S), Double side(D), the PY is advised for double side adhesive.

Thickness of Pre-laid Self-adhesive waterproof sheets:
-P:Thickness of main body material is 0.7mm,1.2mm,1.5mm,
Thickness of membrane is 1.2mm,1.7mm,2.0mm

Thickness of Wet-laidSelf-adhesive waterproof sheets
-PY:3.0mm, 4.0mm

Feature 1)Excellent flexibility elongation,strong adaptability for substrate shrinkage, deformation and cracks;
2)Available for wet ground,low requirement for basic level,short construction period.
3)Lasting bonding and sealed performance;
4)Excellent adhesive properties, ,self adhesive joints with coil with life;
5)Strong self healing ability for penetration and cracks;
6)Excellent adhesive performance guarantees the integrity of waterproof layer,so as to prevent the occurrence of water channeling phenomenon
7)Safe application for low temperature,no pollution.

Technical Index

Type Y (without base)
NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Soluble content (g/m2) ≧ - 2900
2 Tensile property Pull(N/50mm) ≧ 500 800
Membrane elongation at break,% ≧ 400 -
Elongation at Max pull /% ≧ - 40
3 Nail tear resistance / N ≧ 400 200
4 Heat resistance 70 ℃,2h,no displacement,no flowing,no dripping
5 Cold bending -25℃ no crack -
6 Low temperature flexibility / ℃ - -25℃ no crack
7 Penetration/sheet ≦ - 2

Type W (with polymer base)
NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Soluble content (g/m2) 3mm - 2100
4mm 2900
2 Tensile property Pull(N/50mm) ≧ 150 200 400 600
Elongation at Max pull /% ≧   30 150 30 40
3 Tear resistance / N ≧ 12 25 180 300
4 Heat resistance 70 ℃,2h,no displacement,no flowing,no dripping
5 Low temperature flexibility / ℃ -15 -25 -15 -25
No crack
6 Penetration/sheet ≦ 2
7 Persistent adhesivity / min ≧ 15

Application Range

(1)(PE)Self-adhering polymer modified bituminous waterproof sheets is widely used for
* non exposed level, underground and indoor engineering;
*cut-and-cover metro,tunnel,pool,canal and etc.
*Especially in the waterproof engineering can not use open flame.
(2)The upper surface which is coated by aluminum foil film and fine sand is widely used for exposed waterproof engineering.
(3)Double-sided self-adhered sheet is widely used for pre-laid and assistant waterproof,
It can also compound with variety of materials to form multiple waterproof system.

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