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SKW-707 Decorative outer wall paint

Part number:SKW-707 Decorative PaintStandard:GB/T19755-2001

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Description SKW-707 Decorative Paint is made out of modified pure acrylic emulsion as film forming material, by added high-quality pigments, fillers and additives,processed by scientific design into environment-friendly and economic coatings.

Feature (1)Excellent weathering resistance, alkali resistance, brush resistance, good decorative effect.
(2)Without any hazardous organic solvent and heavy metals, harmless to the human body, favorable environmental protection.

Technical Index

NO Test Item National Standard measured value
1 Contrast Ratio ≥0.93 ≥0.95
2 Brush resistance ≥2000 times above 20000 times
3 alkali resistance 48h no abnormal 168h no abnormal
4 Water resistence 96h no abnormal 168h no abnormal
5 Artificial climate ageing resistance ≥600h no bubble、 above 1000h
don't peel off,no crack
Chalking ≤1 0(1000h)
discolor ≤2 1(1000h)
6 dirt resistance ≤15 6
7 Temperature alternating resistance of coating(5 times) no abnormal no abnormal

Application Range

Mainly used for external decoration of various buildings

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