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Geomembrane waterproof membrane Series

Part number:Geomembrane SeriesSpecification:Width:2.0m or customized,Thickness:0.25-2.50mm

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Description HDPE Geomembrane is called”High Density Polyethylene membrane”,which is made out of High Density Polyethylene,compund with carbon,anti-aging agent, antioxidantm, stabilizer and etc,proceed by Multi-layer coextrusion technology.It is specially designed for underground engineering constructions with international advanced technology, it can bind the later cast concrete form a firm structure.

-Low density polyethylene Geomembrane(LDPE)
-High density polyethylene membrane(HDPE)and EVA
-Specification: Width:2m or customized

Feature (1)Long service life:it has excellent resistance of degrading ability and impermeability,
especially HDPE geomembrane has excellent anti-ageing and anti-ultraviolet,could be used outside,the material has long life and provide a good assurance for seepage control.
(2)Strong chemical resistance, resistant to alkali water from concrete, resistant to household refuse and organism, mould resistant and corrosion resistant. 
(3)Good flexibility:various laying method could satisify different construction requirement, hot melting is availabl,the welding seam has good strength,easy construction,quick and environmental protection
(4)Excellent impermeability:the seepage coefficient is lower than clay with 4-5 magnitude order.

Technical Index

NO Test Item LDPE Geomembrane HDPE Geomembrane EVA
General Environment-friendly
1 Tensile strength(rectilinear)(MPa) ≧14 ≧17 ≧25 ≧18
2 Elongation at break(rectilinear)(%) ≧400 ≧400 ≧550 ≧600
3 Right angle tear strength(N/mm) ≧50 ≧80 ≧110 ≧90
4 Water vapor permeability coefficient(g.cm/cm.s.pa) ≦1.0*10-16 ≦1.0*10-16 ≦1.0*10-16 ≦1.0*10-16
5 Temperature range +70℃~-70℃
6 Environment stress cracking resistance(F20.h) - - ≧1500 -
7 200℃ oxidation induction time(min) - - ≧20 -

Application Range

Widely used for all kinds of basement,sewage treatment project,tunnels,highway, air raid shelter,artificial lake, dam, water conservancy project,water reservoir, grain storehouse,waste treatment plant and etc.
-Canal seepage proofing, vertical cut-off wall,slop protection.
-Subway, basement
-Planting roof, roof garden,sewage seepage control engineering.

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