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KLAI-305 Emulsified asphalt waterproof coating

Part number:KLAI-305 Emulsified asphalt waterproof coatingSpecification:15Kg/50Kg/200KgStandard:JC/T 864

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Description KLAI-305 Emulsified asphalt waterproof coating is made out of emulsified asphalt as base material and added modified material,filler and promoter,processing into a high cost performance waterproof coating

Feature (1)Appearance:mixing uniform,no colour difference,no gelation,no caking,no obvious asphalt silk.
(2)Good waterproof performance.

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Solid content /% ≧ 45
2 Heat resistance / ℃ 80±2 110±2
no flowing,no dripping
3 Impermeability 0.10Mpa, 30min no leakage
4 Adhesive strength /Mpa ≧ 0.3
5 Surface drying time /h ≦ 8
6 Full Drying Time/h ≦   24  
7 Low temperature flexibility / ℃ Standard -15 0
8 Elongation at break,% ≧ Standard 600

Application Range

Widely used for Roof, wall,floor,basement, cold store,foundation engineering, pool, bathroom,balcony and all kinds of industry and civil building waterproofing, impervious and moisture,also suitable for repair engineering of old roofs and other waterproofing engineering.

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