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You need just a call ,and we do all the things!

Kailai aims to provide customers with one-stop,professional and worry-free service.

One-stop service: From your first call and the end of each task,Kailai provides the best service.

Professional: Professional technical support on waterproofing ensures to meet your expectation.

Worry-free: Customer satisfaction is Kailai’s commitment. Kailai offers the best and worry-free solutions.

Global channel network underway

Convenience: Widely scattered distribitors, stable quality and timely delivery

Transparence: Expressly marked price and tailor-made service

Fine goods: Strict production management, assured quality, and abundant stock

Dignity: Distinguished services and extra value!

After-sale network covers almost all cities, counties(districts),even townships

On the platform of KAILAI

High quality professional talents

Provides customers with worry-free service and realizes their own value.

Distinguishes Authenticity


To fight against counterfeit products and protect customer rights and interest,Kailai product range, test report, and completion certification have upgrade to adopting the anti-forgery technology of Henan Brand Anti-forgery, Monitoring and Inquiry Center. The details are as folows:

1.If the words and colors on the package,anti-counterfeit film, certificate of conformity and tape are the same as those on user manual.
2.If there are anti-counterfeit tags on ex-factory test report of each product or batch product and the completion certificate.
3.Scratch off the cipher area coating,dial the inquiry call 4008095315 or input identification code# anti-counterfeiting code, or Message to 106695887355 to distinguish the authenticity, and the response voice should be “Genuine KAILAI products!”.
4.The Characters” KAILAI” under the logo should disappear if baked with fire and restore later.

In any of the following cases, it’s counterfeit products:

1.There are no anti-counterfeit tags on ex-factory test report of each product or batch product and the completion certificate.
2.There are anti-counterfeit tags but there is no inquiry information after scratched off.
3.After scratching off the coating and inquire, the response voice if “No such product” or “Please check your input”

Customer Service Phone: 400-999-4158