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Quality Traceable through the process:
KAILAI boasts full-range waterproof products of many specifications
All produced form the assembly lines of high environmental performance
Ten-step QC and quality traceable trhough the process
To ensure high quality and worry-free severice

TEN-STEP QC: Kailai has its own inspection team, conducting ten-step QC,include incoming inspection ,process inspection,finished product inspection,ex-factory inspection and etc,and adopting standards higher than industrial standards. Automated Production: Full-automatic and fine and digital production capacity,stable production, and the fewest influence of human factors on product quality.

Production Monitoring: Remote control ensure the safe and standard operations,and the accuracy of process and raw materials and provides assurance for production. Quality Traceable: Quality traceable through the process constitutes the traceability system of Kailai and ensures the product quality.