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Home improvement and construction of knowledge waterproof coating (a)

1. Exterior penetration test measures:
Continuous watering method available ¢ 20mm pipes, using 3kPa pressure of water at the top of the building continuous watering 6h, observe whether the seepage around the walls and window signs.

2. Waterproof node“"One", "two joints", "three", "four" concrete mean?
Index closed at One the first waterproof layer; two seam refers Deformation, dividing joint; three that fall-mouth, entrances, cornices; four refers to the female foot of the wall, the device root, root pipes, chimneys root.

3. How to use waterproof material?
a. Coil class companies have production licenses; company passed the ISO9001 quality system certification ISO14000 environment system certification, CTC certification. b. state explicitly disabled, out of toxic materials not to vote. c. the best choice for brand manufacturers to purchase its designated service providers. d. online inquiry.

4. New house decoration waterproof it before the need for secondary?
General real estate in the toilet and bathroom are done before hand over a waterproof layer. But in the subsequent cross-waterproof layer construction may be damaged, or black foreman cut corners, resulting in waterproof layer less than the design requirements, additional water circuit transformation before doing the renovation, it may damage the waterproof layer, in order to be more reliable, the former home improvement needs new home redo waterproof。

5. How do home improvement waterproof budget?
To achieve the installation of the waterproof layer thickness 1.2-1.5mm. Depending on the choice of materials, polyurethane coating 1.5-2.0kg / m2. JS paint 2.0-3.0kg / m2, acrylic paint 1.8-3.0kg / m2; current market price of about 60-120 yuan / m2, accounting for about 1 percent of renovation costs.

6.What part do home improvement waterproof waterproof, moisture treatment?
a.Floor and wall between the toilet and bathroom. b. kitchen, balcony, floor and wall. c. All ground floor and walls of residential .d. all ground and basement walls。

7.Toilet and bathroom walls as well how much do waterproof layer?
With the improvement of people's quality of life, basically wash every day, between which raised toilet bath water relatively high demand, toilet and shower or bath sprinklers installed in about 1.8 meters, so the waterproof layer should be 1.8 meters high otherwise, long-term cause water spray soaked walls, the back wall mildew, decorative layer peeling paint or tile and other issues; addition, toilet and bathroom walls and engineered lightweight self lightweight wall, waterproof layer to do top.

8.Balcony or need a waterproof?
a.Since the balcony exposed to the outside environment, in order to avoid rain and snow isotonic downstairs, so waterproof. b. Even enclosed balcony, as most users of the balcony as a place to wash laundry matter, so do waterproof.

9.Why do waterproof kitchen?
Kitchen neighborhood discord is caused by leaking important reason, because vegetables and kitchenware will have varying degrees of water overflow, a long time is likely to cause water leakage along the floor drain, so the kitchen has to be done waterproof layer. 0.3 m on a proposal to turn the kitchen floor and wall waterproof layer, waterproof layer is set to turn 1.5 meters installed on the wall is appropriate box vegetables.

10.How to calculate the area of ​​waterproof layer?
Toilet and bath water area = (toilet and bathroom floor perimeter - door width) * waterproof layer height + floor area
Waterproof kitchen area = (kitchen floor perimeter - the door width) turned on height + floor area *