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Millions of people drinking verification, wet Parkway create waterproof coatings drinking age class

July 17, Twelfth China International Exhibition waterproof roofing and construction at the Shanghai World Expo Exhibition Hall 1 grand opening. As a leading brand of eco-waterproof, Shanghai opened to wet Parkway on the show for the home improvement market for the first time introduced the industry's leading & ldquo; water level & rdquo; series of waterproof products, creating a waterproof coating water level of the times.

The launch of the wet Parkway water level series has been known for many years in the engineering market, as early as 2001 on the adoption of the Shanghai Disease Prevention and Control Center "drinking water health standards" (Ministry of Health, 2001) and "in drinking water, hygiene and safety equipment and protective materials evaluation norms "(Ministry of Health, 2001) GB / T5750-2006 detection, much better than the existing national standards, with a high waterproof and environmental performance, widely used in Shanghai and the surrounding major waterworks to protect the drinking water of millions of people in east China health.

Since the home improvement market consumers lack the appropriate expertise, poor waterproof coating popular, consumer home life has brought great health risks. Although the waterproof paint is latex paint, tile, etc. attached to the protection, not in direct contact with the human body, but the formaldehyde contained in the inferior waterproof coating, volatile organic compounds and other harmful substances can penetrate the protective layer, and spread to the interior, long-term damage to the consumer health, cause insomnia, headaches, difficulty concentrating and other problems, resulting in miscarriage, infertility and other personal injury, or even damage the human hematopoietic function, causing irreparable loss of leukemia, cancer, etc.

In order to allow more consumers to enjoy a healthy home life worry-free, wet Parkway water level will be industry-leading products to the home improvement market. The series has outstanding waterproof and environmental performance, specific performance: a powerful self-healing function, the waterproof layer is punctured self healing, waterproof effect lasting worry; formaldehyde emission & le; 0.5mg / L, better than can be Referring to the highest environmental standards E0 class, health worries; low VOC, environmentally friendly.

Water level series waterproof product launches, greatly enhance the industry environmental standards, to meet the consumer demand for healthy water, will lead the wave of drinking water level for the development of water industry and create a new situation.