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KLAI-602 Grouts for ceramic wall and floor tales

Part number:KLAI-602 Grouts for ceramic wall and floor tales

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Description KLAI-602 Grouts for ceramic wall and floor tales is one kind of powdered material which is compund of good quality cement,filling,pigment and multiple additive.After applcation, the color will be kept lasting,the water leakage of wall and floor could be prevented.

Feature (1)Good hydrophobic property,it can avoid floating dust pollute the surface.
(2)Good impermeability,it can improve the integrate waterproof effect.
(3)Good mildewproof property
(4)Good adhesive and crack resistance,no crack and no dropping.
(5)Good scrubbing resistance
(6) With thixotropy,no flowing during application
(7)Easy construction,ready-mix.
(8)Colour and lustre will be lasting,fadeless.

Technical Index

NO Test Item Technical Index
1 Bending strength /MPa Standard test condition > 2.50
2 Compression strength /MPa Standard test condition > 15.0
1 Shrinkage value mm/m < 3.0

Application Range

Mainly used for various inner wall,external wal,floor seam> 2mm,  pointing of joint of ceramic which width is 1-10mm.
Used for caulking of laying various marble or granite, sand mold grouts will be recommanded.

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