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KLAI-106 High-speed rail special waterproof membrane

Part number:KLAI-106 High-speed rail special waterproof membraneSpecification:Width:1000mm, Width:3.5mm,4.5mm,Length:could be customizedStandard:TBT2965

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Description KLAI-106 High-speed rail special waterproof membrane for railway&bridge is developed in order to satisfy the high strength and dynamic loading environment,with long fiber polyester tire base felt,SBS as modifier,supplemented by various auxiliary modifier which is combined with the function of increase bonding performance.The cover material is modified bitumen,both sides covered with fine sand as isolation materials,and then composite with scientific bias-base design.

Feature (1)Can be strongly bonding with concrete,no bubble caused,good water permeability;
(2)The membrance has a strong tensile strength in vertical or horizontal direction,high elongation rate,good resistance to high temperature,anti-rabbing breaking ability to with stand repeated grind&puncture of equipment in the prime construction period,and also well withstand the repeated action of the car driving.
(3)Endurable at cold environment,resistance to alkali and salt,rreezing thawing action,anti aging and anti fatigue,anti crack deformation ability etc;
(4)The construction performence is good,adpot hot melt method construction,the operation is convenient,save time,can effectively ensure the normal survice life of railway bridge.

Technical Index

High polymer modified bitumen waterproof membrane physical and mechanical properties conform to standard TBT2965,as below table:
NO Test item Index
1 Soluble content(g/m2) ≥ Thickness 4.5mm,3100
2 Heat resistance 115℃,no flow or drippage
3 Tension of maximum peak rate(vertical& horizontal)(N/cm)≥ 210
4 Elongation of maximum peak rate(vertical & horizontal)(%)≥ 50
5 Tear resistance(N) ≥ 450
6 Low temperature flexibility -30℃,No flaw
7 Water tightness 0.4 MPa,2h,no leakage
8 Perforation resistance no leakage
High polymer modified bitumen primer treating agent conform to standard TBT2965,as below table:
NO Test item Index
1 Solid content ≥ 30%
2 Drying time ≦ 2h
3 Heat resistance 80℃,5h,no bubble,no flowing,no dripping
4 Low temperature flexibility, -5℃, ¢10mm rod,no crack
5 Adhesive strength 23℃,≥0.8MPa

Application Range

Special used for railway line for passenger traffic with speed over than 200km/h, also used on road and bridge waterproof project.

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